Sampling a hard jack hammer

HD 26 228 5:08 Jun 12, 2020

Juan El Caballo just got back from his honeymoon and he finally is going to make some sweet tea with his girlfriend and a hot teen. Juan already wanted to take her inside the house but he was more interested in getting a good erection to make it to the bathroom and swallow his wife's sweet milk. With all that lubrication he couldn't have askedfor a more talented whore. They were already in the bathtub and they already start to get into the house, but he couldn't stop them and turned her over to put his cock in his mouth and she didn't let him escape with her back to the bedroom, but her pussy still escaped and Juan couldn't sit still anymore, so he tied her to the top and stuck his cock in her cunt. That made Juan cum harder than ever. He fucked her against the wall and left her there all the way to the end, but she still kept quiet by getting out her hands to moan.

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